The Unlikely Success of a Copy-Paste Developer

A book written by Iris Classon

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The next book in the series, A Copy-Paste Developer is Born (a prequel) is currently in the works with the following publishing date: July 1st, 2022. Sign up above to get notified regarding preorders.

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Really enjoyed the imagery and humor of the narration ... I would describe the book as difficult to put down... -reader
Oh the book, I enjoyed it so much! I loved the wicked sense of humour. That's my favorite thing about the book! -reader

The Unlikely Success of a Copy-Paste Developer

It’s the hottest summer the UK has ever seen, and a lazy sub-par developer is suffering from an existential crisis. Leo has been told that all developers must help with customer support, barring architects.

But Leo has a plan. Impress with a quick fix to a big problem, and consequently be promoted to God of Code, an architect.

What Leo didn’t plan on was making the code public and becoming an overnight sensation. What could possibly go wrong? Will Leo make it, or break it?